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Yosemite- A Place Forever In Our Hearts

We officially started our epic adventure last Sunday (June 7, 2020) and I have to say it's been an experience to remember. Nick was dead-set on kick starting our adventure in Yosemite even though, due to COVID-19, most national parks were not open yet. We were extremely fortunate and forever grateful that Yosemite would open only a few days after our arrival to the surrounding forest. Camping outside the park allowed us to settle into a routine for a few days and prepare to fulfill our dreams of a life of adventure.

How great is the Universe that we were able to manifest the park opening up and allowing us to experience such a magical place with nearly no other visitors?

A little backstory might be needed for you to understand why Yosemite was our first eagerly awaited destination. It just so happens that June 10th was Nick's mother's (Cheryl) birthday. She absolutely loved Yosemite, but unfortunately passed away 5 years ago to pancreatic cancer. We spread her ashes within the park 4 years ago on June 11th; which just so happened to be the day Yosemite opened up and allowed us entry to her majestic land. Cheryl was our main inspiration for living our lives for ourselves and enjoying it while we are young and healthy enough to do so. Watching Nick in the field spending a silence moment with his mother's spirit is always emotional and heartfelt moment for me. "Happy birthday Cheryl, we miss you," I whispered as we walked away to continue through the park.

If you have ever had the joy of visiting Yosemite with minimal visitors, it is a once in a lifetime experience. The pure sounds of nature surrounding you is like no other. Early morning we saw a herd of deer just a few feet from our parking spot, we experienced a bear being scared off by rangers, got up close and personal with a squirrel, enjoyed the non-stop serenades of the birds, wind, streams and waterfalls and were able to hike from the valley to Glacier Point without seeing a single soul on the trail. Being able to emerge yourself so deep in nature rejuvenates the soul, reminds you life is precious and humbles you to the core.

I am so full of gratitude that we are able to follow this path in life. My heart is so full and my soul renewed. Thank you to all our supporters for helping us to make this life a reality, for you I am forever indebted.

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