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Tropical Symphony - A Poem By: Jaclyn Sutton

In the Florida Keys where ocean meets sky,

A wondrous spectacle catches the eye.

The air electrifies, a charged atmosphere

As nature's orchestra echoes loud and clear.

Lightning flashes, fierce and bright,

A symphony of sound, a breathtaking sight.

From distant horizons, dark clouds converge,

Ominous shadows and reflections emerge.

The thunder roars, boldly, a rumble profound;

Shaking the earth, it's vibrations resound.

The ocean trembles in awe of the might;

As bolts of pure energy pierce through the night.

Each flash illuminates the darkened sea,

Revealing the secrets that lie deep and free.

Oh Florida Keys, where beauty meets storm,

Where lightning and thunder take their true form.

Witnessing nature's grandeur, one can't help but behold

The thunder and lightning untamed and bold.

I stand in awe of this extraordinary sight,

Mesmerized by the display of power and light.

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