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The Perfect Love Story

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Jaclyn and I got married on May 14th 2016 on Kapalua Beach in Maui. What a beautiful day that was. The company we had hired to do the ceremony on the beach was MIA (They took our money and ran)! We had hired a photographer who saw the disaster unfolding and called a friend who was a native hawaiian minister to officiate our wedding.

Crazy as it was, that's all we had. A stressed out photographer, a breathtaking view, the coolest minister we could have asked for, a bunch of family members wondering what was happening and a drop dead gorgeous bride who stopped me in my tracks and made the world disappear behind her. It was perfect and we have the awkward photos to prove it!

Before Jaclyn, I would not have been caught dead on a tropical island wearing flip flops. I was a mountain man, I had grown up in and around the mountains and I viewed a tropical vacation as a ridiculous waste of time and resources. I was way more interested in snowboarding, camping, jeep trips on the rubicon and continuing my career of making a living off the mountains in every way I could... Then Jaclyn came into my life and made it her mission to correct my foolish opinions and set me straight. As I write this, I'm sitting on a beautiful beach in Jamaica, wearing flip flops, a tank top and shorts with flowers on them...

For a girl who always replies "I don't know" when asked what she wants to do, she sure does know how to get what she wants when she figures it out. Cue laughter.

Jaclyn on the other hand, before me, was all about tropical paradise and protecting marine life. A real mermaid! But to find me, she had to drive deep into the mountains during a blizzard with her best friend. There I was in a cave on the side of a mountain, dancing around like a wild man doing what I like to call my snow dance (works every time!). To this day I have absolutely no idea what made her decide that this big harry snowman with giant feet was going to be the love of her life but I know what I was thinking.... I had never seen a mermaid before! And in the mountains of all places, so how do I get her on a snowboard?! but boy was she pretty.

So, over time, the two of us became best friends and started carving out a life together with careers fancy cars, and lots of toys. The two of us have been through lots of good and hard times together and we have made a ton of incredible memories. The day my mom died from cancer was a blow that no one could have prepared us for. We realized in that moment just how fragile life can be and vowed to live a life that would surpass our wildest dreams. So we spent the next few years preparing to live happily ever after. Stay tuned for the rest of our Love story because it's going to blow your mind!

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