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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hand in hand, heart in heart

Through valleys

And over mountains

Souring through the sky

And swimming through the sea

The depths we will go,

The heights we will reach

Experience is the apple of our eye

Won't you join me?

Good times bring us light

Hard times give light depth

Together we will shine

Too show the universe how bright it can be!

Abundance will be boundless

Everything we will have

Let's take this light

And give it to the sea..

Give it to the mountains,

Give it to the heavens,

Let it shine brightly

So everyone can see

Let them take a piece of it

To carry as their own

To grow and feed

And give back to the sea

Give it back to the heavens

Give it back to the mountains

Let it shine brightly

Just for you and me...

By Nicholas Sutton

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