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Mono Lake- Rejuvenate My Soul

A week into our journey I sit in silence looking out in awe with no one in sight for miles around as the sun sets over a soul inspiring landscape. We set up camp 3 days ago at Mono lake to stop and catch our breath after we had been running full throttle for what seemed like forever, just to chase this dream. I feel intense pride and comfort in this moment having dreamt my current reality years ago and seen it through. This new beginning has rejuvenated my soul and birthed a strength in me that I never saw coming. The winds over the last 3 days reached over 50 mph but something kept us here, happily. Now that the air has calmed, our water is nearly depleted. Ironic. Tomorrow we will be forced to carry on but not before we enjoy the serenity of this place one last time. I look forward to the horizon and all of its promises with a childlike imagination, full of wonder and excitement.

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