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A New Beginning

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As we close in on our last few weeks in our current home, it seems things have become rather hectic for us. More projects than we originally planned for keep springing up and drawing our attention away from downsizing into our new tiny home. Our workhorse of a truck has gotten some much needed love; new larger mirrors, upgraded turbo, gauge cluster, high quality shocks and new brakes have all been added in the last few weeks. The camper has also received many upgrades turning it from a weekend leisure vehicle, into a full-time liveable house on wheels! Many of these upgrades include: new stove/oven combo, an inverter, 6 lithium battle born batteries with custom aluminum battery box, custom storage under our dinette and we re-sealed our bedroom skylight to prevent leaks. With only 25 days left, our deadline is quickly approaching and our dreams are becoming our reality. Stay tuned as we are very close to releasing our first ever Youtube video about moving out during this world wide pandemic, its struggles and advantages. We are super excited to share our adventures with all of you. Thank you for all your support!

Much love,

Nick, Jaclyn & Trixie

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