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About Us

Hello, we are Nick and Jaclyn Sutton. We welcome you to join our journey as we leave behind our traditional jobs and head out into the world to follow our dreams in our tiny truck camper to travel the country full time. Life is precious and not guaranteed, so we have decided today is the day to live out our dreams. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, only right NOW. Live for today!


The Snowman


Nick is an adventurer! He loves to start his day with a sunrise and relax in the evening with a beautiful sunset. He is an avid skier/snowboarder, born trucker, outdoorsman, photographer, poet, dreamer, philosopher, lover of life and all around handy man.



The Salty Dog

Trixie is our 9 year old rescue that keeps us on our toes! Her favorite pastime is dashing down a long beach or playing catch with her ball. She's always excited for any adventure we stumble across and, of course, a good ole belly rub.


The Little Mermaid


Jaclyn is our beach bum. Sandy toes and salty hair is her thing! She is also our favorite biologist and animal lover. Seeing new places, cultures and meeting new people inspires her artistic and crafty side.

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